Suzy and Xavier - April 2015


Hi Sharon, 


Just a quick note to say a big thank you from myself and Chris for all your help and advice on how to calmly get my lovely "sleep fighter" from only sleeping in the baby bjorn, or bounced on the fit ball, into his cot. He now goes to his cot for all of his sleeps and thankfully those days of bouncing or carrying him around for what seemed like hours are over (as my back couldn't take it anymore). Thanks again for those 4 hours with you, they were just what we needed to get back on the right track which didn't involve Xavier being left at any stage to cry alone, with lots of cuddles you made the cot his new sleeping space.


Kate and Alice - March 2015


Thanks Sharon for giving us the tips for helping Alice to transition to her 'big bed' over a few days and nights. Also with your help we have managed to reduce night wakings and that is fab! Thanks again for supporting us in such a friendly, caring way and helping me get back a bit of extra sleep at night in the process. You're a gem! 




Simone and Alexander - Feb 2015


Thank you sooo much Sharon for your guidance and support, helping us to get to know our little boy Alexander's cues and needs. You taught us that we were so wrapped up in a strict routine that we weren't reading his cues properly. After learning how to read his cues better we can now calmly approach sleep time and he has responded so positively.



Thanks again Sharon..



Philipa and Felicity - December 2014




Thank you for your support in improving the sleeping/feeding patterns of Felicity and generally helping me to get back on track with a routine I can work towards each day!  We have had a number of successes since your visit including the removal altogether of her (or should I say OUR!) reliance on a dummy, pushing out day feeds to a minimum of 4hrs (and now more reliable and bigger times between feeds at night too), introduction of a bottle to allow my husband to get hands on occasionally with the feeds and generally an improved start to our day of 7am. Added to that Felicity is capable of and often does, self settle which is a world away from where we were when you came to visit 6 or so weeks ago. 


It took time but most importantly it took consistency just like you said and with your support both before your visit and afterwards and putting all the important tips into an email that I could refer back to was vital in us making each and every change. 


I really appreciate the time you gave to us as a family, including suggestions for improving our 2yr olds sleeping as well (still a work in progress because we focused on the baby changes first, baby steps you could say).  It is incredible how much a routine helps me mentally not to mention just having a 'go to' guide of methods to try if one of those rough days hits and my brain goes to baby brain mush. Felicity is such a happy baby, I think she is pretty thankful for the changes too!


I hope you and your family have a wonderful christmas, and thank you again.