Package 2 - The evening


Summary and goals


This package is focussed on difficulties in the evening where I attend your house during the evening to coach you through the routines to get your baby or toddler off to sleep, and to stay asleep. The aim is to promote a calm bed time routine; infants and toddlers thrive on routine and the more sleep they get overnight the happier and more content they are in the day


This is typically from 6pm to 10pm at your house and costs $40 per hour (minimum 3 hours).




To begin with we will discuss:


  • yourself and your circumstances - getting to know you and your baby.


I will then:


  • observe the typical evening routine: dinner, bath, milk feed, story, cuddle and into bed
  • provide support and advise where baby is challenging in any way during the above
  • provide calm strategies to promote a less stressful, more enjoyable bed time routine
  • support with re settling if baby wakes between sleep cycles before 10pm
  • Talk about whether baby requires you to put the dummy back in frequently overnight? Strategies to decrease dummy usage and remove it altogether.



Follow up


You will receive:


  • follow up emails for up to 2 weeks for further support and guidance.