Summary and goals


This package is aimed at advising and coaching you across multiple aspects of baby and toddler calming and settling techniques. I'll provide information and tips for problems experienced during day sleeps and settling at night.


Settling problems could well be related and fixing particular problems with day sleeps can help toward issues at night, and vice versa.


The consultation is 3 to 4 hours during the day at your house and costs $35 an hour. 




To begin with we will discuss:


  • yourself and your circumstances - getting to know you and your baby.
  • any specific issues or concerns you're having with your baby.
  • goals you have for yourself and your baby for the next 2 week period.


Then day sleep related issues:


  • Is baby difficult to get to sleep?
  • Does baby only sleep if in your arms, rocked or breastfed to sleep.

           Does baby needs the dummy replaced by you frequently?

  • Are the day sleeps too short? Less than 45 min sleep cycles?
  • Is baby then difficult for you to re-settle?


And the night sleep:


  • Can it be challenging to settle baby into bed for the evening?
  • Does your baby/toddler go to be too late? No time for yourself and your partner ?
  • Does the bed time routine need "tweaking"?
  • Does your baby wake frequently overnight either needing to be rocked or fed back to sleep?
  • Do you want to transition baby from bed sharing, or co-sleeping, to their own sleep space?
  • Has baby been breastfeeding/formula feeding frequently overnight and you would like support to decrease same?
  • Does baby require you to put the dummy back in frequently overnight? Strategies to decrease dummy usage and remove it altogether.


General information:


  • Do you need more assistance with setting up a daily routine for optimal stimulation and mood regulation for your baby?
  • Are there siblings that need to be taken into account when setting up a new routine?
  • Do you need guidance with feeding: breast or formula/solid introduction/meal planning for the age of your baby? Baby led weaning?


Follow up


You will receive:


  • age appropriate, simple to read, daily routines.
  • written strategies for calming your baby for use both in the day and night time setting.
  • follow up email contact for up to two weeks for further guidance and support in implementing strategies and routines.